About Us 02

new concept, new vitality!

NUViT, an integration of ‘NEW’ and ‘VITALITY’, accentuates the importance of the needs and necessities of bare skin, refining the core of beauty, enhancing the most genuine and natural appeal from beneath.

Building upon our mission, NUViT utilizes the most credible technology and studies to bring you highly effective formulations combined with organic or plant based extracts and high bioavailability nutrients to propel cosmeceutical care towards a new era.

NUViT  upholds the international good reputation of Y.S.P., our concept of operation is to promote quality living and professional medical care, emphasize the effectiveness of cosmetic medicine, propose the philosophy of beauty from within and vitality, transmit the brand’s spirit of back to Authenticity. NUViT impregnates the most natural elements for the beauty of the skin-pure natural Dermatology, to outfit our promise to improve the quality of life. .


Our 4 Promises

safe & high quality 100%
Free from harmful chemical ingredients 100%
meticulously handpicked ingredients 100%
affordable premium skincare 100%