NUViT Brightening Essence Fluid

NUViT Brightening Essence Fluid


Entire: Brightening Essential

  • Improves Dullness, Boosts Radiance, Balance Skin Tone and Revitalize Skin
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• Improves skin dullness and uneven skin tone, revitalises and brightens skin.
• DermalRx® SRC, a mild keratinocyte metaboliser that brightens skins rapidly.
• Together with hyaluronic acid, it moisturises skin and gives it vitality.
• Has strong moisture retention and skin repairing properties.
• Effectively balancing the entire skin tone and protecting it from further damage after sunburn.

After cleansing, apply on the face and neck, morning and evening to balance
the entire skin tone.

B-trans5™, DermalRx® SRC, Shea Butter, Brown
Seaweed Extract, Beetroot Extract, Hyaluronic
Acid, Sage Extract

Dull, uneven skin tone or dark spots.


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